Friday, December 24, 2010

The Holiday Week in Training

I mostly did what the plan called for this week. First, I did a 12 miler with 10 of them with the usual Sunday morning 10 mile crew. Have I mentioned how much I like having that Sunday morning fixture on my calendar?  I think I have.

Monday, I did a recovery run and 10 strides (yay! I didn't hurt myself with the strides!).  Tuesday, Matt and I did a 13 miler at a much harder pace than my plan called for. It was miserable at times, but overall it felt awesome.

Wednesday, I went to the trails and did an 11 miler mostly on the second half of the Mountain Mist course. Joining me were Matt, Marcus, and Andy.  Marcus and Andy are much younger and faster than I am.  I need to hang out with young fast people more often. I was still feeling Tuesday's 13 miler and totally tanked at about 10 miles.  I had no idea how I was going to finish that last mile. I stopped and walked a bit, let them all pass me and even get out of sight.  Then, I had to just "suck it up, buttercup" and tried to catch them.  As they were cooling down on the last quarter mile, I got back in sight and was able to nearly catch them.

Thursday, I felt like garbage.  I'm sure that was a combination of the back to back hard days and the fact that everyone in my house except me is running a fever.  I generally don't run a fever even if I am sick. I feel sick. I thought a recovery run in the warmest part of the day would make me feel better.  Wrong.

I had to try to squeeze the long run in on Friday because I have to see what Santa Claus brings on Christmas Day.  So, I tried to run 17 miles with 8 miles at marathon pace.  That was a complete no-go. I dreaded the run before I started.  I struggled to get out the door. I finally got out the door an hour later than planned. Then I ran at my normal long run pace for 9 miles.  I never relaxed and enjoyed it, which is unusual for a long run.  My HR was fine, but I just couldn't get comfortable.  Then, I sped up to the 6:50 3 hour marathon pace after 9 miles.  I ran 3 miles at that pace and just had to stop.  My left leg was hurting and I knew that it would only get worse. Also, I just felt horrible.  So, I slowed to about a 9:00 pace and ran home from where I was.  That turned out to be about a mile, so I got 13 in with 3 at marathon pace.  Ugh. I hope I feel better soon so I can train for this crazy 3 hour goal.

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