Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chugging Along

I battled weather and flight delays to get home on Thursday. What a day.  I had to get up too early to get in a run before heading from my hotel to DFW.  I figured that getting home at 12:40 would allow me to get in the missed medium-long run of 12 miles.  But Delta Airlines had other plans for my day.  I spent much of the day cramped up in a plane out on a tarmac awaiting departure and awaiting an open gate.  Ugh.

Business travel is great.  Ask anyone who travels 20 or more times a year and they'll tell you how wonderful it is to sit at an airport and be away from your family and have your diet and schedule interrupted. And the wonderful sights you see. Hotels, airports, and offices pretty much look the same no matter where you are. Seriously, if I didn't run, I don't think I'd be able to bear business travel.  I do get to see things that others don't see because I explore a bit on foot. Wow, I just got off topic, didn't I?

I did the 12 miler when I got home and barely finished before dark.  It felt really good, but my body is tired from the travel, lack of sleep, and horrible diet this week.  I really enjoy those medium-long runs.

After recovering Friday, I went to Monte Sano today and ran the second half of the Mountain Mist course.  That race is going to eat me alive! Natural Well trail is much rougher than I remembered, and I remembered it being nearly impossible. I have a lot of work to do to even run close to last year's time on that course. 5:00 is out of the question. It's brutally difficult and I am not in good shape, and I'm nowhere near trail shape right now.  But the run was really good. I love it out there on the mountain.

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