Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First Tempo

My mettle to train for Boston has been tested early! I have been on business travel in a very unfamiliar city this week.  The only place I've found to run is a 2.7 mile concrete path.  So, if you run out and back on it several times, you can get your scheduled mileage!

Yesterday, I ran 10 miles with 3 miles at 6:29 overall pace.  Yep, all 10 of them were on that concrete path that goes by the dump and the jail and the airport and the middle school. In fairness, it also goes by two nice parks, too.

Today, I needed to run 12 miles.  I tried running on the roads around here, but apparently there is no leash law.  after getting chased twice by dogs in the pitch dark black of pre-dawn, I decided that the trail was my safest option.  I only did 10 miles because I ran out of time and I couldn't bring myself to running out that silly path again.

The upside is that the weather has been gorgeous!  50 degrees this morning!

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rundanrun said...

Lions and tigers and DOGS oh my. It is hard running in a new city. Happy Holidays and safe travels.