Sunday, December 12, 2010

Boston Training... Day 1

My training schedule for Boston started this morning.  It was a 9.7 mile recovery run.  I met with the usual Athens 10 mile crew.  One in the group was struggling a little with a sore Achilles, so I stayed back with him at an easier pace.  We also cut the run a little short to avoid a hill on a recovery run.

It was cold and WINDY!  I guess that is a sign of things to come this winter.  I have to get in 3:00 shape.  I have a tempo run and a med-long run scheduled this week.  It will be a challenge to get them in while I'm traveling, but I'll do whatever it takes to get the miles and quality done.

Everything counts.  Miles. Quality. Diet. Recovery. Strides. Core work. Hills. Stretching. Drills. Rest. 3:00. 3:00. 3:00.


rundanrun said...

I managed a 4 mile run and am still sore. The sooner I start running the sooner the soreness seems to leave me. You will do great in Boston.

Anonymous said...

Stretching?? You've mentioned that in two different posts.Really?? ; )