Monday, April 26, 2010

Sales Engineer

I'm a sales engineer. I've often been asked what that is. Are you a sales guy or are you an engineer? Well, you see, I'm sorta both.

I have to communicate technical information in a not so technical way to non-technical decision makers with money. Often, this means that I give a view from 1000 or 1500 feet (you'll see why I chose those numbers in just a minute). I have to smooth out some of the details. We call this a "Sales Presentation".

I also have to communicate technical information in a very technical way to the people who will actually be making the stuff work. This means that we get down to the details. We look at it closely enough to see the whole picture while seeing the rough edges of the details. We call this the "Engineering Presentation."

What does this have to do with running? Check out the Sales Presentation of the elevation profile of the Country Music Marathon. This is what I downloaded from their website. They are trying to get people to sign up at the website.

Now, check out the Engineering Presentation of the elevation profile of the Country Music Marathon. This came from my Garmin and is synced up with actual government provided elevation data. This is how I would describe the course to someone who was actually preparing to run the course.

Don't let anyone tell you that this course is easy.


The O'Neill's said...

the second profile is the one my legs remember

Lance said...

That is why products get sold daily and the people buying have no clue what they are getting.

WOW, if graph #2 is the correct view that is a really bad representation of the truth.

Anonymous said...

It's all about scaling the vertical vs horiz axis to either lull people into signing up (or to show reality)!

Getting My Words Out said...

Yup, Carl is's like statistics, they can say what you want them to sometimes!

Great post!

Jasmine1972 said...

I'm a slow runner who just did the Women's HM in Nashville. They had the same kind of "sales presentation" for that race. It implied almost all downhill for the last half. The small uptick for 2nd St going to the 1st bridge, and the min slope for the Veteran's Bridge were misrepresented!!

All of my runs/races seem to be twice a slow as you, as I still have wt, am F, and have only been running one yr. I'm planning CMM as my first marathon. Should be just as fun has the Nashville HM was for a first HM.