Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday AM Run

After Saturday's Chick Fil A 5k, I needed some mileage. I ended up with a total of 12 miles on Saturday, with 3.1 at 5k pace (obviously, duh!) and about 3-4 more at marathon pace. It ended up being a somewhat hard day, but not quite the mileage I need for a Saturday during marathon training.

So, Sunday morning I woke up a little earlier to get a few miles in before the start of the regular 10 miler. There were 7 folks there this week. Spring must be here! Three of the group opted for an easier 6 miler, which is good. I'd like to get more folks involved, and 10 miles in less than 1:20 is a very hard effort for most folks. So, I'm happy that there are folks wanting to do less. I'm one of those folks some Sundays!

The four of us ended up progressively picking up the pace on the last 5 miles, 7:30, 7:26, 7:23, 6:51, and 6:34. After that, I added about 3.5 more miles to get 16.5 for the day.

Now, it's taper time. I'll probably do more quality miles this time around during the taper. I'm also considering a carb depletion before my carb load phase this time around. I'm trying to decide if the irritability is worth the couple of pounds I'd lose and the possible gain in glycogen storage.

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