Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The schedule called for track work today. Well, the race is less than 2 weeks away and track work has really deflated my confidence lately. The workouts have felt hard. I've wanted to quit every one of them early. The numbers have been ok, but they have just felt hard. Hard. I still may do a track workout this week. I don't know.

Anyway, I decided to go with a workout that I knew I could just nail today. I need a dose of confidence much more than any potential physiological gain that a set of repeats would give. So, I chose to do a 6 mile tempo run. It turns out that I could nail that workout. It turns out that it felt quite good.

I'm chasing Matt right now, which is fine with me. He pulled 15 seconds or so ahead over the last mile and a half of today's tempo run and I let him go. Man, he's getting stronger and stronger.

These splits are based on my auto lap on the Garmin rather than the markings on the track. I believe the track is just about 0.05 miles longer than marked per 3 miles. The goal was 6:32 per mile. Going by the marks on the track I was just a bit slower. Going by auto-lap I was just a bit faster. Close enough.
  1. 6:32
  2. 6:34
  3. 6:23
  4. 6:28
  5. 6:30
  6. 6:25
  7. 0:41 (0.1 miles)

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