Friday, April 23, 2010

The Eve

The day before a big race drives me crazy! I have a lot to do today, so that is keeping me from going too crazy. Country Music Marathon, here I come!

I feel very good. My legs feel fresh and not stale from the taper. Subjectively, I feel better than I did the day before Rocket City. But I know that sheer misery awaits me tomorrow! I know what the last 10k of a marathon feels like. I'm hoping I can grit this out, relish the experience, and find some new toughness and strength that I haven't found before.

I've never been in a race this size. So, I don't know what to expect at the start and along the course and at the finish. I'm excited about that. I'm excited to have live bands and a crowd with energy cheering us along.

I'm nervous about the weather, but I certainly understand that is completely out of my control. I need to concern myself with things I can control, like attitude, relaxation, diet, and rest.

I plan to be aggressive tomorrow. I plan to take chances that I haven't taken in a race before. I'm ready to pay the price if those gambles fail. I'm ready to learn from the experience. This will either be my best marathon experience yet or my worst marathon experience yet.

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