Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crazy Week!

My resolve was tested yesterday. Work has been absolutely crazy since last week. I had a quick, one night trip to Denver Monday and Tuesday. There was simply no time to run. There was barely time for 5 hours of sleep. Usually, if I have to choose between a recovery run or adding sleep up to 6.5 hours, I'll take the sleep. The work madness continued all day Wednesday. I think I finally have it somewhat under control.

Anyway, that's my excuse for not running this week. I needed to do a track workout, but it was 9:00 PM. Ugh. What to do. Put the kids to bed and go to the track. That's what I did. I ran 9 miles total and 5 x 600m intervals. I'll take some confidence away from this workout. I believe I'll be racing against folks who wouldn't have done that workout under the same load of stress and fatigue I was under.
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Getting My Words Out said...

Another test--a little harder because you don't like track work. You PASSED again-flying colors!!

Winners and runners up are separated by their resolve.... You're certainly passing some runners up. Way to go!!