Friday, May 7, 2010


I suppose I should update my blog from time to time. I wish I had something really clever or interesting to say, but I don't. That's why I haven't updated.

What next? I really don't know. I will be running the Cotton Row Run 10k and 5k. However, I know I can't get myself into 10k or 5k shape between now and then. I'm just going to run hard and see what happens. I doubt I'll run a race between now and then. I'm focused on recovering properly from the Country Music Marathon. I did NOT recover properly after Rocket City. After Rocket City, I shifted my focus immediately to Mountain Mist, and ran a really bad race there because I pressed too hard too soon.

The first time I ran (what I did the day after CMM cannot be called running) after the Country Music Marathon was the following Thursday. All I could think about during that run was, "When can I run another marathon? I want another chance. I'll be tougher during the last 10k next time." The marathon bug has bitten. I must tame the beast that is racing 26.2 miles. Another week of easy miles and I'll be ready to run fast and far again.

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Getting My Words Out said...

I think you should look for a flat, fast course. One of my Next Steps coaches was talking about a marathon in Ohio I think that is supposed to be the best PR marathon course around! You could go sub 3:00 with a flat, fast course...I'm SURE of it!! I had a tiny little taste of some fast running on a trail run with my husband recently and, I've got to say, I LOVED IT. I can't wait until I can go further, faster.