Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yeah, I'm a Little Crazy

During the training for Rocket City Marathon, I really grew to hate the mid-week medium-long runs. They just wore me out. I kept thinking, "You mean I have to be on the road at 5:00 AM AGAIN? What, I have to run 15 miles AGAIN? I start at 5:00 and don't finish until 7:00? Ugh." Really, they beat me up.

Oh how I've missed them! Isn't that crazy?

Today's schedule called for a 12 miler. I almost had trouble sleeping because I was looking forward to the run! Yeah, I've lost my mind. I'm looking a little forward to the gruel of the training schedule! Welcome back mid-week 10+ milers! (Remind me to read this post in about 6 weeks.)

Today I ran a 12 miler, most of which was pre-dawn. Even though it was dark and I was alone, I loved it! It felt great. Bring on more! I ran into Jeff at the track as he finished his run and chatted with him for a bit. It was good to see several folks out running and walking today. I ran at a good, strong pace and my heart rate stayed in good range. The weather was actually above freezing! Good day for a run! :)

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Getting My Words Out said...

I can COMPLETELY identify....except on a very small scale. I did my planned time way before dawn, and was considering going back out tonight. I can NOT wait for the day I can go out and run for hours! :D