Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The plan for today was 10 miles total with 4 miles at LT pace.

You know, I have a pretty good running partner. The high temperature for today was probably sometime before we started running. You just don't look forward to slogging around for an hour and a half when it's 42F and raining. Add an early wake up call, a difficult workout, and mud puddles, and it takes a certain mindset to go through with it. Some call it crazy. Some call it determined. You pick.

Matt showed up at my house at5:15 this morning. It was great to have a partner for today's workout. I would have done it alone... I think. But I'm glad I didn't have to!

We ran over to Athens High completing a 3.6 mile warm up. The walking track was one puddle after another and un-runnable at LT pace, so we opted for the 400m track to do the tempo workout. It just kept raining. Not hard, but raining. Yuck. It was good to see Jeff and Jon there today, too. Misery indeed loves company.

16 laps is almost as bad as a treadmill. Almost.
  1. 6:40
  2. 6:33
  3. 6:21
  4. 6:26
It's really hard not to run faster on the track. I do all my VO2 work there, so my legs got a little ahead of me when the effort got difficult. I worked a little harder than I intended to on those last two miles, but it was still a good workout.

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Getting My Words Out said...

I continue to be inspired by you. I've started researching exactly what the different types of runs will look like for me (heart rates, times, etc) and how they need to be incorporated into my marathon plan. Reading about someone else's training experience is more helpful than I imagined it would be!! THANK YOU!! :D