Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Morning 10 Miler

We had another good turnout for the Sunday morning 10 miler. Lanier, David (a first timer for the runs), Matt, Carl, and I met at the Rec Center to do our usual route. Lanier and David are training for Mercedes next weekend in Birmingham. Before and after the run, we caught a few other Athens runners in the act. Jeff was planning a run in training for the CM half. Jamie and Russ were also there training for the CM Marathon. I also saw Lance after the run. There were lots of folks running in Athens this morning!

It felt colder than I expected throughout the run. It stayed 31F throughout the run with a small north breeze. The nice thing about the course is that it is mostly protected from a north wind. The stretches that are north bound are either uphill or in neighborhoods with some trees or houses to block the wind. When I stopped running, I got cold quickly!

It was a very good run. We were able to run each mile faster than the previous one, starting at 9:01 and finishing at 6:42, with a 7:42 overall average pace. I needed some marathon pace miles since yesterday called for MP miles, but I was on the trail instead.

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