Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Snow

I try to blog pretty much exactly how I'm feeling during my runs here. So here goes...

The novelty of running in snow has worn off.

Today, I'm tired of the cold. I'm tired of searching through laundry every night just to be sure I have enough layers to wear. I'm tired of starting in the freezing cold. I'm tired of ice in my beard. I'm tired of frozen water in my water bottle. I'm tired of that little bit of sweat on the inside part of my elbow that gets really cold, but doesn't quite freeze. I'm tired of talking myself into getting out of bed on cold, dark mornings. I'm tired of wind from the north.

But I don't want to complain because I remember last summer. I'll be longing for cold in July and August!

So I'm convincing myself to enjoy the cold because the days are coming when a 7 minute mile is going to require the effort of a 6 minute mile because it's so HOT.

So, like today and like Sunday, I'm continuing to gut out those 12-15 milers. I need to improve my attitude!

But a post like this just reminds me that while running is fun and I enjoy it very much, it's not always easy. You'll go through rough patches and cases of the "I don't want to"s. But you've got to suck it up and get through that.


Getting My Words Out said...

Boy, I wish I had waited until AFTER my run in the snow to read this!!


Thanks for the new quote, "...until you pass out, then it's physical!"

Anonymous said...

Be thankful that you are able to go out and run. Just enjoy being out there. My injury is not bad but has kept me from running much. I would love to go out on a 15 degree day right now!!!!! Enjoy every day you run as it only takes a little injury to keep you from it!!! Now, suck it up Patterson!!!!! :)


Getting My Words Out said...

Tomorrow is the big day!! Can't wait to hear all about it.