Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Trail Running

I really love running on the trails. There's something about being in the middle of the woods and jumping over rocks and streams that makes the miles melt away. Yeah, the going is slower, but it just feels great to run out there. There is no traffic to worry about. Every step is a little different from the one before. Falling is possible, even likely. (One thing I've learned this year is that when you fall, it only hurts for a little while. If it hurts longer, then you have a good story to tell.) The challenge of the climbs is humbling. The rapid, chaotic descents are thrilling. It's just awesome!

Matt, Mark, and I did a 10 miler mostly on the first half of the Mountain Mist course this morning. There isn't a much better way to start a day. We were able to manage a 9:34 pace, and it felt surprisingly easy. I hope I'm ready.

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TreeTrunkRick said...

Great job. The weather's getting warmer so maybe Mountain Mist will be both a good outdoor woods run and less treacherous. I prefer the mountain trails - as you say, more of a humbling challenge, even on a mountain bike!