Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Needed Today

I've just been slogging through the past few weeks.

Mountain Mist
Mountain Mist is just around the corner, and I don't feel ready at all for the challenge. I've probably put in more miles on the Mountain Mist course than all but a few of the entrants, but I still don't feel ready. Every time I run out there, my goal pace humbles me. K2 trail humbles me. Rest Shelter climb humbles me. And, of course, Waterline humbles me. Man, this is a tough race.

I've been doing the miles, but it's honestly wearing on me. The trails are giving me a break from some of the nagging repetitive sore spots. My foot is better and my hip is better. But the trails are beating me up in their own way. Just Thursday, when I started, I literally heard my quads say out loud, "You're not doing this again, are you?" Ok, maybe it wasn't my quads, maybe it was my hamstrings. Or my knees. Actually, I think it was Mark. Maybe it was Matt. But my legs were thinking it!

The other thing about trail running is that it's just more trouble. I start most of my runs at my front door, something I can't do for a Mountain Mist run. And, running on the trails makes my wife more nervous. She's concerned that I'll get hurt, and that's not unreasonable. Don't misunderstand. She's wonderful, helpful, and incredibly encouraging and supportive of this hobby. If you've ever hiked or run on Monte Sano, you'd understand. The terrain is rough and it takes a considerable amount of caution and balance to avoid stitches. So there's added stress.

It's just wearing on me. I don't remember the last time I looked forward to a run.

And though my weekly mileage has been there, my long runs just haven't. Yesterday was the first 20 miler since the marathon, and it drained me.

And I haven't even mentioned the COLD. I haven't run when it's above 25 degrees in quite a while. Yesterday, when I stopped for a few minutes to refill, sweat literally froze to my leg. I'm getting tired of temps in the teens.

Sunday 10 Miler
So, today, I really didn't want to slog out a 10 miler in 13 degree weather with an 8 mph wind. I just did NOT want to do it. But Carl asked.

Thanks, Carl.

I was a Negative Nellie for most of the run. Then, at the end, Carl changed the subject during the last couple of miles to something frivolous like popular music or football or something. And I lightened up.

Then, at the end of the run, I ran into Jamie Grantham and Russ Johnson who had just finished up a 12 miler. Then I saw Jeff and Jon doing their run. And they were all in good moods and I didn't hear them whining about the cold. Of course we talked about the weather because it's too unusually cold not to talk about.

But I owe all 5 of those folks, especially Carl, for improving my attitude. I think I'm ready to knock out these last couple of weeks getting ready for Mountain Mist.

I needed today. I look forward to my next run.

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Jeff Mooneyham said...

You just could not heard whined the last mile or so....actully I walked about 30yds out of a 5 mile run!...sad....but it was a good run it was good to be out there...and it was good seeing you guys out there as's good to know that you are not the only crazy ones to get out before daylight in freezing weather and run!