Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 Goals

I don't really know what reasonable running goals would be for 2010. I don't know when the rate of improvement slows drastically, but I know that it does. This is all new to me. 2009 was the first year that I had a race that wasn't a PR, so improvement may already be slowing down. I don't know. I'm just going to keep working hard and learning as much as I can about training.

With that, I'll take a stab at some numbers for 2010...
  • Sub 6:00 pace for a 5k
  • Sub 38:00 10k (Ouch. This hurts a bit to think about.)
  • Sub 1 hour 15k
  • Sub 84 minute half marathon
  • (Dare I say it?) Sub 3:00:00 marathon
Those will be challenging. Maybe I won't make any of them. Maybe I'll make some but not all of them. Maybe I'll look back and think they were all too easy.

Yeah, and at some point in time this year, I'd like to weigh 15X pounds and I don't care what the X is. That would probably make those numbers above a little easier. The last time I weighed 15X was over 22 years ago in the 9th grade. That may be too scrawny of a weight for me and I'm not sure I could maintain it if I hit it. But I'd like to hit it.

Also, last year I ran 15 races and helped with 3. I will volunteer at more events this year.

And these are just my running goals. I certainly have room for improvement in other areas of my life, but this blog is about running.

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