Monday, January 25, 2010

More Thoughts on Mountain Mist 2010

My wife mentioned to me that it wasn't clear to her that this post is mostly an attempt at humor. So, if she can't tell, how can I expect readers who don't know me as well to be able to tell? I'm kidding. I'm not seriously calling people liars in this post. Please, don't be offended. Laugh.

You know, I've heard people say, "Running a trail ultra is easier than running a road marathon." Liars. The whole lot of them, I tell ya. If I ever said that to anyone before, I'm sorry for deceiving you. It was unintentional. I was only repeating what liars had said to me.

I mean no disrespect to the marathon by saying that. I'm not saying that a marathon is easy. However, here's a little simple math for you. 31 > 26.2. And some logic to go with it. Rocks, roots, and mud are more difficult to run on than asphalt. Hilly (~6900 feet of elevation change) is more difficult than flat (~600 feet of elevation change). If you truly race both, I just don't see how the longer, hillier, more technical race can be easier.

I wanted to nap Saturday afternoon, but my legs hurt too badly. I wanted to sleep Saturday night, but I could not get comfortable. My legs hurt. Really, my whole body hurt. I wanted to nap Sunday afternoon. You guessed it. Sore. Last night, I finally got some sleep. I woke up this morning and did an easy 5 miler (9:40 pace). It was the most miserable easy run I've ever done. I do feel better after the run, though. I should have done that yesterday.

But to quote Proverbs (and a good buddy of mine) "...I will seek it yet again..."

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