Friday, June 18, 2010


So I thought I was better. Sunday's run was great. I ran a little hard and my calf felt fatigued at the end, but there was absolutely no pain. Monday's run was also great. Tuesday, not so much. I mixed in some strides on Tuesday's run, and the calf started hurting. And it hurt all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday was better, but I could still feel it. Today it doesn't hurt, but I'm afraid to run.

Ugh. And I said every day that I would go to the gym and I didn't go at all. What is wrong with me? I won't get to 3 hours in December like this. The injury I can live with. It's part of running and I know that. It's nothing that rest, ice, and Aleve won't cure. However, the lack of motivation to do something else while I'm injured is something I have to overcome.

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Anonymous said...

If you slack off now, you'll be playing catch-up later. You are in a great postion now to make your goal!! So, suck it up Patterson!!!!
Actually, I don't think I've ever been to a gym for what it's worth.
But your goal is within reach and you can do it!!!!