Sunday, June 13, 2010

Athens 10 Miler

We had another good group to join our weekly 5:45 AM Sunday 10 miler today. There were 6 of us and it was HOT and HUMID!

After about a mile, the group formed into two packs with Carl and I up front. I didn't realize it until I looked at the splits this afternoon, but we did a pretty good stair step today. Each mile was faster than the one before it. I was working much harder than I should have been for a 7:28 finishing mile. I'll blame the heat.

The calf is fine. I felt fatigue in the calf, but no pain for the last mile. I'm going to continue to baby it and avoid 5k pace or faster and avoid hard hills until it is completely normal.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm really glad that this run is a fixture on my calendar? Come join us some Sunday morning. You'll be hooked.


Anonymous said...

I also enjoy the Sunday 10 miler. I plan my running week around it, but that heat today(plus the 5 miles before) kicked my butt!!!!!! Good times!!


Anonymous said...

And I didn't even have to pick bugs out of my teeth, just wash them from my windshield. Thanks for the company again guys.