Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Almost Weekly Update

I've good intentions of updating this blog with my training.  I really do.

I finished last week with a good few days of running.  Matt joined me for most of a 15 miler on Thursday. On Saturday I ran the McKay Hollow course plus 2.5 for 18 total.  That course just beats me to death! I followed that up with the usual Sunday 10 miler, but I had stomach issues and nothing in my legs on Sunday. I ended up with about 9 miles, and they were not a very good effort.

Today was the first visit to the track in a LONG time!  It showed. I was slow. It was uncomfortable. I couldn't remember if I were supposed to do 6x1200m or 5x1200m.  Again, I had stomach issues this morning so I was running late.  When I got there, Matt had already run 3, so he did another 3 with me.  And he ran me into the ground. That guy is in pretty good shape right now.  I could not keep up with him.

  1. 4:27
  2. 4:29
  3. 4:30
  4. 4:31
  5. 4:31
  6. 1:33 (only a 400m)
When I could only do a 93 second 400m, I realized that I was not doing any good at all by trying to finish that 6th repeat, so I quit. Then when I got home and looked at the schedule, I was only supposed to do 5 repeats! So, what I thought was an absolute beat down and failure turned into a reasonable workout. Sometimes things are funny like that.

So much work to do to get ready to race a marathon.

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