Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Still Training...

I feel like I've been gaining momentum in my training recently. That's a really good feeling. No, I'm not at the level of fitness that I want to be. I am not anywhere near 3 hour marathon shape. I'm not in my peak condition. I'm not where I was at this time last year. But... for the first time in a long time, I think I'm improving.

Last week was a very low mileage week.  I took 4 days off because of bronchitis. It's hard to run when you can't sleep because of coughing and when you can't breathe. But Friday and Saturday I felt much better. I was torn between racing the Huff N Puff 15k or just doing a long run around Athens. Well, Friday night was an awful, sleepless night because of the personal struggles that I've occasionally mentioned on this blog for well over a year. (I do see an end in sight.) Given that and the week of sickness, I opted to save my money and to save the embarrassment of a super slow 15k. So, I just ran from my doorstep around town I planned for 18 with 10 at marathon pace. Ouch. It was miserable. I totally tanked and I was only able to do 8 at MP.

I felt great for Sunday's 10 miler (even with the lost hour due to Daylight Savings Time). Monday was a struggle just to get the miles done. I had no motivation in the morning. I just could not drag my head out of bed. I didn't want to run at all. I didn't want to even wake up. (Beginners, see, it happens to most everyone some time. We all struggle with it from time to time.) So, I slept in and told myself that I'd run at lunch. I was able to get a recovery run done at lunch. Whew.

Tuesday morning, the sound of the alarm clock was repulsive. I could not motivate myself to get out of bed. I had no desire to run. None. So, I told myself the lie that I'd run at lunch again. As I was considering leaving my office at 11:20 or so, my director walked in. I decided to talk shop with her instead of asking her to come back in an hour and a half because I was going to take a long lunch.  That was probably a good career move.

So, the afternoon came. Oh how I wanted not to run. But my wife talked me into it. I'm so glad she did. I ran over to the Athens High track and just happened to meet Johnny there. He didn't plan on a track workout, but I convinced him to join in the suffering! It was an easy workout as track workouts go, 5x600m.

  1. 2:06
  2. 2:11
  3. 2:08
  4. 2:09
  5. 2:01
Less than 12 hours later, I did a 15 miler at about a 7:40 average pace.  A couple more weeks of hard training, then I'll be tapering for Boston. Man, I hope the progress continues.

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rundanrun said...

Malaze or doldrums are how I am describing this week. Glad you shared your problems getting up to run. I have been there this week myself. Not just running, but swimming or biking.