Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Last Week Thoughts

Time is winding down. Taper madness hasn't been quite as bad this time around as it has in the past. I've still lost some confidence, but I don't think you can taper without that. I just have to tell myself that tapering is part of training and it is preparing me better. But the facts are that running long and hard increases my confidence and I miss that during a taper.

I've run across some words of wisdom and some random thoughts that have entered my mind that I'll just share with my readers.

One that I know I'll keep with me was something that Trent Dean said to me as we were running cool down miles together after the Heart and Sole 5k. Trent said, "Don't let self doubt be the reason you don't break 3 hours." Very wise. I needed to hear that. Thanks, Trent.

A second came as I was eating lunch in my car and listening to Jim Rome yesterday. He interviewed Hunter Mahan who just won the Match Play Championship. Hunter just went head to head with the best golfers in the world and won. He has overcome some very public failures to find himself in that position. His mindset is very positive, but it hasn't always been. He said that he had to let go of letting his score and his results define him. His score and his golf ability do not define who he is. My performance Saturday does not define who I am. The thing he said that stood out to me was something like this... "The most difficult thing about excellence is that you have to have the belief before you can get the results. It's really hard to believe you can do something without seeing the results. But you'll never see the results if you don't first believe." I have to believe I can run a sub 3:00 BEFORE I can do it.

Another random thought came from watching the recent UFC Lightweight Championship fight between Benson Henderson and Frankie Edgar. Benson Henderson, the new UFC champ is my favorite fighter. He's respectful, humble, and constantly improving. And after his last loss, he made NO excuses and just worked harder and harder and harder. He exemplifies a commitment to excellence. Nobody will outwork Benson Henderson. Between the 4th and 5th rounds of the 5 round championship fight, Benson's corner asked him, "Do you have 5 good minutes?" Benson just grimaced, almost insulted that he asked the question. Again, the question comes louder, "Do you have 5 good minutes?" Benson, still grimacing, said, "I got 15 coach!" A final time, even louder, "Do you have 5 good minutes?" Benson, this time with a serious look on his face, replies, "YES SIR!" That was very inspiring to me. Bendo was prepared and was celebrating his preparation.

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