Saturday, February 11, 2012

Can I Bum a Smoke?

So, how's it been since Mountain Mist? Last week I was on the 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM shift at work. I ran every opportunity I had, but it wasn't much. That's why it took me so long to get the report done. I simply haven't had time. Then, a quick trip to Denver that got me caught in a blizzard trying to get me home left me too exhausted to do my long run last Saturday. So, I skipped it. It's the first time I've skipped a scheduled long run in a long time. Oh well, I'm chalking that up to recovery from Mountain Mist.

This week has been much better except for some personal struggles. But I've gotten the miles done, mostly. I did 5x1200m on Tuesday. That felt pretty good. 4:11, 4:13, 4:13, 4:14, 4:14. Done. Mid-week 15 miler, done.

Then the long run today... The schedule called for a 22 miler. I had 4 pre-teen girls in my house last night, and I didn't get in bed until 1:30 AM. Then, it was about 30 degrees with winds from the NNW at about 20 mph. I just couldn't find the motivation to get out the door. My wife really encouraged me. She doesn't just tolerate this hobby of mine, she fully supports it! She told me that if I didn't go now, I wouldn't get it done today. At least three times, she said, "Go run." Thanks. 22.5 miles done.

So... What about the title of this post? So, I'm cruising along, feeling pretty good considering the miserable weather and the wind. I'm about 11 miles in running along at a sub 7 minute pace. I'm running my usual route and I see someone walking up ahead. I don't think anything of it really because I'm in a neighborhood and he doesn't look terribly out of place. He flagged me down and asked me for a cigarette! Seriously?!?!? I'm dressed in running gear, wearing a GPS watch and carrying a water bottle. Do I look like someone who would be carrying a pack of smokes? I really couldn't believe that just happened!

So... that's my past two weeks in running.

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Dana said...

Even after reading this on FB...this just CRACKS ME UP!!! Is it even possible he was being ironic/sarcastic/funny?? What a hoot!! :D