Friday, March 2, 2012


I'm starting to believe I can do this sub 3 hour thing.

Yesterday's run in the sunshine was one big smile. I haven't had a run like that in a long time. I know it was an easy short run, but just everything about it was perfect.

And I have a healthy dose of nervousness, too. Last night's dreams included forgetting to pick up my packet, showing up late to the starting line, forgetting my racing clothes (which were already packed), and forgetting my watch (which was already packed). Then, while running the race, I was behind everyone because of my late start and there were no sentries left on the course and I got lost about 5 times.

I used to have dreams like that in college. The night or two before a big engineering test, I would sleep late and miss the test. Sometimes, I would get stuck in traffic on the way to class. Other times I would get there, and get lost in the building and not be able to find the classroom. Usually, those dreams preceded the tests for which I was most prepared. I think it signified that something outside of my control or some really silly and careless thing on my part was the only way I would fail. Yeah, I'm going with that explanation.

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Jeff Mooneyham said...

three words...."don't forget Shoes" luck buddy!...your going to kill it!