Saturday, December 19, 2009

Back On My Feet

I met my goal for Rocket City Marathon. I progressed more than I expected this year. I had set what seemed like ambitious goals back in January, and I exceeded every one of them. I mean, back in January, I thought 3:25 was the best I could do at Rocket City this year!

So, I took this week and behaved as if I had absolute impunity. Peanut M&Ms are only the beginning. Cheeseburgers, desserts, fries, Tex Mex, etc. Ha! I remember being asked what I was going to get at a Tex Mex restaurant in Dallas, and my answer was anything wrapped in a tortilla, deep fried, and smothered in cheese. Yeah, my diet was ATROCIOUS this week.

I only ran 9 miles this week before today. I gained more weight than I thought possible in a week. I really needed a break from the mental and physical effort that I put into getting ready for Rocket City Marathon. But here's a news flash... I did not have impunity.

Today, I went to the trails with Matt, and I BONKED hard at about 8 or 9 miles. It was miserable. Matt commented that he had never seen me in that condition. I was struggling. I'd like to blame it on my marathon effort, but he didn't bonk and he ran the same race I did.

That's it. I'm back. Sure, I enjoyed the burgers, but enough is enough. I honestly HATE the way a sedentary lifestyle with a poor diet makes me feel. I mean, I felt lethargic all week. I remember that I used to feel that way all the time. I will not go back to that. I am a runner now. The break is over. I may never take another break. I love cheeseburgers and desserts, but now I HATE the way they make me feel.

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rundanrun said...

I lead a non-sedentary life with a fair diet. I have made gradaul life style and nutritional changes, but running allows me to eat stuff I like. I too feel like crap when I do not exercise. Do not be so hard or yourself about the diet. Laying off running is the thing that sets me back. My next gaol is Black Warrior 50K or bust.