Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Much Better

After Saturday's miserable trail run, I thought I had ruined my marathon training fitness gains with a week of sloppy diet and no exercise. Yeah, I panicked. Saturday was a bad day. Everyone has them. Some days you just don't feel as well as you do on other days. I'm not sure why I forgot that.

Sunday's usual 10 miler was great, both the company and the run. I was pleasantly tired after the run. You know, I felt like I had run, but I still had lots of energy.

Today, Matt, Mark, and I hit the trails before dawn on Monte Sano and ran the Xterra race course. We ran some hard miles, and I felt like I could have run much farther and faster. It was an awesome start to the day! I haven't felt that good on a run in a long time. It was a good tempo (judging by heart rate) run with a very strong finish, 10 miles total.

It's good to know I can still run. :)

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