Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fast 800s

Yesterday called for a set of 6 "fast" 800s. Fast means 15 seconds per mile faster than 5k pace. Doing the math, that would come out to 2:45 per 800. Ouch. But hey, it's only 6, right? I did feel like I could have run one or two more at that pace, so good.

  1. 2:48
  2. 2:44
  3. 2:44
  4. 2:47
  5. 2:44
  6. 2:46

A little off, but it still counts.

I have been running a bit faster lately in my workouts. When I run faster, I typically decrease the volume and increase the recovery between workbouts. Before this summer, I almost never ran faster than 5k pace, and I rarely ran 5k pace. This summer, I ran some fast (for me) 200s (35-37 seconds). I ran some fast 400s (76-79 seconds). And, I was sure to do strides once per week and twice on most weeks. I really believe this faster running has helped. I know it has helped my finishing kick (which is still pretty weak). We'll see if it helps me get to sub 17. I'll try to keep it up through the winter and see if it has any benefit in ultra and marathon racing.

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