Saturday, November 6, 2010

Week In Review

This week was up and down.  I didn't get nearly my scheduled mileage on Saturday because I ran the Spooktacular 5k and felt more like visiting with friends than running extra miles. So I ran 16 or 17 on Sunday to make up for the lost mileage. I felt sick on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, but just ran and worked through it.

Tuesday called for 6x1000m intervals, but I just didn't feel like it.  I opted for about 11 miles with some strides instead.  I would have called in sick at work, but missing work wasn't an option on Tuesday. Since I had to work, why not run?

Wednesday was by far the best workout of the week.  I felt much better.  Matt and I ran a "long tempo".  We ran three warm up miles and then we ran 10 sub-7:00 miles.  Matt peeled off after 7 and then I was joined by one of the happiest golden retrievers I've ever seen!  I told him to go home, but he wouldn't. He joined me for two laps around the Athens High 1.5 mile track at a 6:45 pace!  I could tell that he was struggling at the end, but he was welcome company! I really had to get stern with him to keep him from following me home, which wouldn't have been safe for him.  I petted him and congratulated him for hanging with me.  It made me want a dog!

Today was a 17.5 miler at long run pace.

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