Monday, November 22, 2010

Goal Adjustment

I have a completely new set of goals now. The second half of 2011 has been mostly a disappointment.  I'm not discouraged.  I'm coming back in focus again.

Rocket City Marathon
I love this race. It was my first marathon and will be a fixture on my calendar indefinitely. I'm so happy to have a quality marathon so close to home. I'm signed up and I look forward to running the course on that day. However, I will not be running or attempting to run a sub 3:00 this year at RCM.

In 2010, the Rocket City Marathon is offering pace groups for the first time ever. I am VERY excited about this! Most large marathons offer this feature, and I'm glad that RCM is offering it this year! Setting a goal and training for a goal are nice. However, having a group and a dedicated cheerleader for every step on race day makes achieving that goal a little easier. I will be leading the 3:45 pace group.  This is the Boston Qualifying time for women 35-39 years old and for men 55-59 years old. I know how much hard work and preparation are involved in running a BQ marathon.  I consider it an honor to be chosen to lead others to the finish line in BQ time. Come join me and run a 3:45 at Rocket City!  I am beyond excited about leading others to their race day goal!

Mountain Mist 2011
Since I won't be racing RCM, I should have plenty of umph in my legs for a strong showing at Mountain Mist.  I don't really want to say that this race is circled on my calendar, but it's important to me.  I want to break the five hour barrier.  This race draws such an elite crowd that breaking 5:00 won't get you much, but that does seem to be the measure of excellence on that course.  I'll be hitting the trails quite a bit in December in preparation.

Boston 2011
This is my new 3 hour goal. This one IS circled on my calendar. I know it's a big goal and a tough course that eats people alive. I know that I'll have distractions the week of the race.  I know I'll be tired from traveling.  But I will work harder and smarter than I ever have before.  2 something at Boston.  Nice.

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Greg Nicholson said...

Very Cool about the pace groups! I am thinking that I'll be meeting up with you.

I'll be running RCM 2010 as my first Full Marathon (after an aborted 22 mile CountryMusicMarathon due to Tornadoes).

I just finished the Nashville Half in 1:41, and according to the formulas, I should be in line for 3:30ish. I think that on a PERFECT day, that might happen, but much more realistically I want sub 4.

3:45 might be the best thing for me to pace on.

Knowing that RCM has pace groups this year is very welcome to me!