Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trail, Track, and Medium-Long

I was on the wait list for the Dizzy Fifties Trail Run, but now I'm in.  So I decided that Saturday would be a good day to scope out the course.  I know the course, but I've never run those loops together.  I did about a 21 mile run on the course Saturday.  I had no snake or deer hunter encounters, so it was a pleasant run.  I felt very fresh for the rest of the day, too.  I'm planning on the 50 mile option at Dizzy, so I'll be walking the Sinks Trail climb pretty much every time.  November 20 should be both miserable and fun.

The schedule shifted the track work back from Tuesday to Monday for some reason that I don't understand.  But I did what it said. I still had tired trail legs Monday morning when I did the 5x600m intervals. I forget how difficult that workout is.  5x600 sounds easy.  But there's nothing about sub 5k pace that is easy.  Matt totally dominated this workout and finished every interval 5-7 seconds ahead of me.
  1. 2:12
  2. 2:05
  3. 2:08
  4. 2:08
  5. 2:09
Today, the day following the track workout, called for a 15 miler. Yuck, it was muggy today.  I finished the run strong and managed a sub-8:00 overall pace, but I feel tired and beat up right now.  Tomorrow will be a day off.

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