Friday, September 10, 2010

Early Long Run

Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh!

Well, that didn't translate to the written word very well. Just imagine Robert Plant as he's belting out the screams in "Immigrant Song".  That's how I felt after today's run.  Good screams.  I wanted to shriek with joy at the end of 18 miles with 10 miles at marathon pace today.  Finally, a good run.  A run that required me to maintain a challenging pace for a long time.  A run that I was able to finish and want some more.

What is marathon pace?  That's a good question.  Today, with my bruised confidence, I just wanted it to be below 7:30.  But after two miles at that pace, we realized that it needed to be faster.  So, we dropped to 7:20 and 7:10 and then 7:05.  Next time, I'll try 7:05 as a start.

Today is the kind of run that reminds me of why I like marathon training.  I had a challenging schedule this weekend with NO time to run on Saturday.  So, I adjusted my running schedule all week so that I could be recovered and ready to hit the long run early Friday.  Getting 18 miles in before work means wake up and smell the asphalt no later than 4:45 AM.  Ouch.  Getting it done when it ain't easy is what marathon training is about.  Marathon training teaches you to overcome the overwhelming desire to give up.  I could have given up on this week, but I found a way and I'm glad I did.

I asked Matt if he wanted to join, and he did.  He's as crazy as I am. It's beyond awesome to have a training partner who'll join you with a crazy schedule like that.  And Matt really pushed the pace this morning.  I couldn't have done today's workout without him.


Getting My Words Out said...

FANTASTIC to hear this!! That's great!! I'll keep saying it...sub 3 has your name written all over it!

rundanrun said...

I love the long run also. I wish I was down to 7:30 min/miles on my long runs, although I did have a good run Saturday (18 miler). Generally people do not realize the preparation necessary for a marathon at a target pace. I think you will make your goal. Hope 18 and 20-mile runs are in my future until mid November. I am on track for Dizzy 50.